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How often do we really read the small print and fully understand the consequences? With all the austerity measures currently being used to save money insurance is one of the many areas we look to save money on and the results could end up costing thousands of pounds.

There are only a few household insurance policies that actually cover Rodent damage in their wording. Many have the following phrases included:

“rodents, insects and vermin: We do not cover any loss or damage caused by rodents, vermin or insects.”

 “damage caused by vermin such as rodents”

 “Uninsurable causes – Any loss or damage caused by:  Fungus, moths, vermin, insects, parasites, woodworm or beetles”

 “Any incident arising from damage caused by vermin outside your private dwelling of your home, for example in garages and outbuildings.”

A recent survey carried out by a large UK insurance company has highlighted some interesting points.

  • One in ten pest controllers have visited homes damaged by fire caused by rodents chewing through power cables, in some cases whole properties have been destroyed.
  • 27% of houses have claimed for incidents blamed on Mice, rats and Squirrels.
  • One in five homes have been damaged by rodents or other pests which has cost more than £500million to put right.
  • Three out of four households say they have suffered from pests including Ants, Wasps, Mice, Rats, Squirrels and Moths living in their properties.

 Vermin, including rodents and insects, can in extreme cases, cause untold damage and misery to home owners if left un-treated and are free to roam properties. One example of this was a blocked chimney caused by a Bees nest  resulting in a gas build up and a subsequent explosion! Autumn and Winter is the most likely time for unwanted intruders to enter properties because of the colder weather and subsequent lack of food available outside, however if access is readily available, entry could be at any time of the year and properties of any size, age or location are at risk.

House maintenance plays a crucial part of any pest prevention plan, as if any parts of the property are in decline, not only will it allow access to pests but may invalidate any insurance policy. Basic maintenance can include brickwork, guttering, woodwork or roofing, but foliage, trees and general landscaping can all play their part. Any trees that overhang a property or a shrub or vine that grows up a building wall could provide good cover or access. Maintaining your home or property in good condition not only ensures that your insurance policy remains valid but it may also prevent you from having to make a claim in the first place which could not only be stressful but costly as well. If you are unsure about your own insurance policy contact your insurance company for clarification.

If you suspect that you have a rodent or an insect problem it is advisable to get professional help for pest removal as soon as possible to avoid the situation getting out of control and causing greater damage or financial loss.

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