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Pest Problems


Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in Ants, Bee swarm, birds, Bournemouth, bumble bees, Christchurch, fleas, honey bee, hornet, Insects, mice, mole control, mole removal, moles, pest control, pest prevention, Pest Problems, Poole, Rabbits, Rats, Ringwood, rodent, solitary bees, squirrels, Verwood, Wasp Control, Wasp Removal, Wasps | 0 comments

With warmer weather expected at this time of year, animals and insects will thrive and we can expect to see increased insect activity including Bees and Wasps. There are several hundred different types of bees that can be found in the UK and they can be classified into groups. One of the main groups are social Bees and these can include both Honey Bees and Bumble Bees. Honey Bees are very sociable and can live in groups of up to 50000 including a Queen, workers, drones and of course larvae, pupae and eggs. They are normally associated with bee hives, but can be found living in the wild in...

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Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in Ants, birds, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Charminster, Christchurch, Flea, Flea problem, fleas, mice, moles, pest control, pest prevention, Pest Problems, Poole, Rabbits, rat, Ringwood, Southbourne, squirrels, Verwood, Wasps | 0 comments

Of all the parasites found on our pets, fleas are the most common and apart from being unpleasant, they can cause harm, both to you and your pets. They are not confined to certain properties. It could be a flat in Bournemouth or Boscombe or a house in Charminster or Southbourne or a bungalow in Poole, Verwood or Christchurch. In some cases the owner or tenant may not even have a pet, but the previous occupier might have kept a pet and left behind a nasty surprise. The life cycle of a flea takes 2-3 weeks in a warm environment   (eg a house with central heating) and  consists of four main...

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Moles in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood and Verwood

Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Ants, birds, Bournemouth, Bransgore, Christchurch, Corfe Mullen, fleas, mice, Mole catching, mole control, mole damage, Mole problem, mole removal, mole tunnelling, Molehills, moles, Moles Bournemouth, Moles Poole, Northbourne, pest control, Pest Problems, Pest Removal, Pigeons, Poole, Rabbits, rat, Rats, Ringwood, squirrels, Three Legged Cross, Verwood, Wasp Control, Wasp Removal, Wasps, Winton | 0 comments

We have all seen the abundant molehills in fields and on grass verges as we travel locally, especially around Christchurch and Hurn, but what exactly is going on underneath that can cause so much damage to lawns, golf courses, agriculture, playing fields, parks, cemeteries, etc? The culprit is of course the Mole.  A furry creature, up to 16cm long and normally black in colour, although white albino ones are seen occasionally. They have large spade like- front feet for digging and have very small eyes but no ears. They are found throughout mainland Britain but not in Ireland. Moles are...

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Pest Control and Wasp Control Broadstone

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Ants, birds, Bournemouth, Broadstone, Canford Heath, Christchurch, Corfe Mullen, fleas, Fox, Foxes, Hamworthy, mice, moles, pest control, pest prevention, Pest Problems, Poole, Rabbits, rat, Ringwood, squirrels, Verwood, Wasp, Wasp Control, Wasp Removal, Wasps | 0 comments

Broadstone was originally an area of heathland with a few scattered cottages and the name was probably derived from a number of large stones that were placed in a local stream to enable people to cross! A Roman road from Hamworthy forms the border between Broadstone and Corfe Mullen. The heathland which surrounded Broadstone has been gradually reduced by development, especially in neighbouring Corfe Mullen and Canford Heath, but the large Golf course, along with several areas of woodland, does give some respite. Broadstone is a suburb of Poole and with slopes overlooking Poole Harbour and...

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Pest Control and Wasp Control Wimborne Minster

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Ants, birds, Bournemouth, Christchurch, fleas, Insects, mice, moles, pest control, Pest Control News, pest prevention, Pest Problems, Pests, Poole, Rabbits, rat, Rats, Ringwood, Rodents, squirrels, Verwood, Wasp, Wasp Control, Wasp Removal, Wasps, Wimborne, Wimborne Minster | 0 comments

The town of Wimborne Minster is located on the confluence of the River Allen and the River Stour.  The flood plain itself has protected the town from further development to the east due to its tendancy to flooding.  The surrounding areas are mainly farmland and open fields. Most of the buildings in Wimborne are dated between the 15th to 18th century and form the main hub of the town around the Corn Market which used to be where stocks were located for punishment.  The history of the Minster (parish church) itself can be traced bak for over 1300 years!  The population for Wimborne was...

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