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The town of Wimborne Minster is located on the confluence of the River Allen and the River Stour.  The flood plain itself has protected the town from further development to the east due to its tendancy to flooding.  The surrounding areas are mainly farmland and open fields.

Most of the buildings in Wimborne are dated between the 15th to 18th century and form the main hub of the town around the Corn Market which used to be where stocks were located for punishment.  The history of the Minster (parish church) itself can be traced bak for over 1300 years!  The population for Wimborne was estimated in 2010 to be 6780, living in 3300 properties in an area of 642 acres.

From a pest control perspective, older buildings can sometimes be a real headache because of the constant maintenance required and they can also have lots of nooks and crannies which could potentially be harbourage for birds or rodents. If properties are monitored on a regular basis and a good pest control strategy is adopted, then the risks of an infestation are kept to a minimum.  It is only when the obvious is ignored that pest problems can quickly esculate.

Modern buildings are not immune from pests, as not only rodents (including rats, mice and squirrels)  but wasps also can adapt very easily and take advantage of any vulnerable situation.  Large amounts of wood around a property (eg fencing) can supply the wasp with the material it needs for nest building.  Evidence of this can be seen when wasps remove shavings and leave behind a “streaking” effect, often seen on wooden sheds, patio furniture and fences.  Ducting in modern flats often provides a highway for rodents to access cavities and roof spaces and a missing vent cover or fascia vent is perfect for birds to roost or even give access to squirrels.

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