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Pest Control and Wasp Control Ferndown, Longham, Hampreston, Stapehill

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It is believed that the name Ferndown came from the Anglo-Saxon word “Fiergen” which means wooded hill and up until 1925 many maps still showed it as two separate words. Today it still retains woodlands and heathlands around its borders and includes the communities of Longham, Hampreston, Stapehill and Tricketts Cross and is the largest town in East Dorset. In 1972 under local government re-organisation the parish was changed from Hampreston to Ferndown and it became a Town Council.

Ferndown has two golf courses so it is a popular area for golfers and to the west of the town is a large Industrial area serving the community.

Being close to large wooded areas it is only natural for nature to come into conflict with man and this is the case for Rabbits, Deer,  Moles and Squirrels which thrive on the surrounding countryside and often end up in gardens and in the case of Squirrels, inside properties. Ants also venture out from surrounding areas and enjoy both domestic and industrial properties in search of suitable nest sites along with other insects including Wasps and Bees.

Wasps are beneficial to the garden by removing aphids, flies and larvae, caterpillars and many other garden insect pests, they also help to pollinate plants and any damage they cause by nesting is minimal but if nesting sites occur where there is frequent contact with humans then some form of  wasp control or wasp removal will be needed. With the global changes in temperature, the wasp season has extended over the past couple of years and if a nest is immune from frost or cold, (a cosy loft) it could carry on later into the year.

With all this activity it is inevitable that rodents like Rats and Mice will be attracted to search out food and lodgings and take advantage of any easy meals, especially bird feeders, if left out for long periods.  (Fat balls are a particular favourite of the Rat.)  This in turn, attracts Foxes, who are top of the food chain with no obvious predators except Man.  Nesting birds in nearby properties may cause damage and introduce unwanted insects.

Man can live with nature if proper pest control or pest prevention is maintained, it is when nature gains the upper hand when problems occur.

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