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As with many towns in Dorset, up until the 19th century, heathland with grazing cattle was in abundance then in 1810 a man called Tregonwell built a house and cottages within a plot of 8 acres and this became Bournemouth. It was very fashionable to spend time at the seaside and by 1840 a small village had been formed and it was linked to Southampton and Weymouth by Stagecoach.

Gradually as time went by Bournemouth grew with a Police force formed in 1856, local government in 1856, gas street lighting in 1864, water mains in 1866, a fire brigade of volunteers in 1870 along with the railway.

As the population grew in the late 1800’s The Bournemouth Echo started publication in 1900 and in 1901 the first electric tram operated which were replaced in1934 by trolley buses which were in turn replaced by motor buses in 1904.

Bournemouth continued to grow and in 1931 the boundries extended to include Holdenhurst, Wallisdown and Kinson.

Today Bournemouth continues to flourish and in the summer time the beach is a magnet for tourism and with all this human activity it is inevitable that Man will come into conflict with nature at some point.

Summer  is the time that Wasps will certainly spoil the odd picnic or BBQ but it is when they take up residence in properties that more serious consequences can happen and some form of Wasp control will be needed. The same can be said for rodents like Rats and Mice, but this conflict can occur at any time of the year, although the weather can be an influence.

Squirrels are always on the look out for new habitat and as natural areas shrink, properties become the target. It is the same for Foxes, as each year new territories have to be established, with each family group able to encompass up to 120 gardens. Birds can quickly adapt to new terrain and will happily nest in buildings if able.

As our gardens become stocked with more and more exotic plants, Rabbits will quickly benefit from an easy meal, or even along road verges, along with Moles who will quickly adapt.

In most cases Man and nature can co-exist but when more serious conflicts occur then some form of pest control  will be needed.

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