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Highcliffe is situated in Dorset to the east of Christchurch and Mudeford and to the west of  Walkford, New Milton  and Barton on Sea with Hinton to the north. It is a popular place for tourism and has its own golf course which is next to Highcliffe Castle. It was around 1830 that Lord Stuart de Rothesay purchased part of the estate on which he had built the castle between 1831 and 1836. Around  the same time twenty properties were built in a field and a village called Newtown was born. In 1892 the name of the village was changed to Highcliffe

It was not until 1900 that mains water arrived and in 1924 street lighting was turned on for the first time.

During the late 1960s two fires left  Highcliffe  Castle derelict and it was not until 1977 that Christchurch Borough Council purchased  Highcliffe Castle with the grounds and access to the beach being preserved for the community. It has been lovingly restored and well worthy of its grade 1 listing.

As with most towns the size of Highcliffe,  pests will always be somewhere nearby and in my experience, has always been a popular place for wasps to nest. It may be due to the soil or the location close to the sea and wooded areas nearby, but whatever the reason, when a problem occurs some form of Wasp control or Wasp removal will be needed.

Rats and Mice will naturally be attracted to areas where there are water courses or ponds and if properties are close by, then the chance of a regular food source is likely to make them stay, especially if there is an abundance of gardens with compost heaps or bird feeders  and the latter may well attract Squirrels as well.

If the correct pest management and pest prevention methods are employed then pests can be controlled and conflicts kept to a minimum and it is important to act straight away when a problem occurs, as it could quickly escalate into something more serious.

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