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Pest Control and Wasp Control Ringwood St Ives Poulner Three Legged Cross

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The market town of Ringwood in Hampshire lies on the fringes of the New Forest and was a place of some importance in Saxon times being situated on the river Avon. At one time it relied on agriculture for its main income with the weekly market selling local produce and forest ponies.

In 1685 it could claim links to the battle of Sedgemoor when the Duke of Monmouth was held prisoner (Monmouth House) after his defeat and capture at Horton. He was eventually sent to London for execution. Another link to the battle was through Dame Alice Lisle who was alleged to have harboured two fugitives from the battle in her home. (Moyles Court School). She was sentenced to be burned at the stake but King James II committed this and she was instead beheaded and is buried at Ellingham church.

Ringwood relied heavily on the river Avon for its mills and the forest for wood for fuel and it has long been famous for knitted gloves, but in 1725 a brewery was set up using the waters of the river Avon for ale and continues to this day.

In 1800 a lot of building work commenced and in 1847 the railway arrived and in 1930 gravel extraction commenced which was followed by a water mains system that had largely been built by Welsh migrant workers being brought into use. This was followed in 1943 by Wellworthy Engineering opening a large works in the town.  Shortly after this housing developments were started in Avon Castle and St Ives and eventually Poulner.

Ringwood is surrounded by both the New Forest and farmland with the river Avon running through the west of the town. With the forest area so close it is inevitable that man will come into conflict with nature and this is often the case with deer from the forest entering gardens along with moles, rabbits and foxes all intent on feeding and possible harbourage. Squirrels will take up the challenge and seek out new feeding and resting places too.

The farmland will provide homes for any rodents including Rats and Mice that will naturally follow the course of the river and when flooding occurs they will seek out higher ground that will lead to conflict with man by entering properties within easy reach.

Wasps and bees along with other insects will use the river as a highway and wasps especially enjoy being surrounded by wooded areas both to nest in and for building materials to construct their nests in suitable areas including properties, garden hedges or bushes or just in the ground. It is when this happens and a conflict occurs that some form of wasp control or wasp removal will be needed.

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