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Pest Control and Wasp Control Winton Moordown Talbot Village Redhill Ensbury Park Muscliffe

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Much like Queens Park and neighbouring Charminster, Winton was heathland to the west of the New Forest and the area was known as “The Liberty of Westover” meaning west of the Stour. The principle land owner was the Earl of Malmesbury and the name appears on many of the deeds of houses in the area. It is surrounded by Ensbury Park, Muscliffe, Redhill, Moordown, Queens Park and Charminster and forms part of the borough of Bournemouth.

Around 1850 two sisters called Georgina and Marianne Talbot purchased land and set about building an area which became Talbot Village, to the east they sank wells and developed cottages and Winton was born, the name is thought to have come from their Scottish ancestry.

In 1880 Winton was in the parish of Moordown but in 1899 it was reversed and Moordown was a hamlet in the parish of Winton. In 1901 the district became part of Bournemouth. In 1902 trams were introduced and remained in service until they were replaced by trolley buses around the 1930s which lasted until 1969.

Aviation played a part in the history of Winton and there were two airfields nearby, the first was at Talbot Village between 1915-1917 and this was moved to a new location at Ensbury Park in 1918 and it became known as RAF Winton. After the war there were regular passenger services to London and a number of large airshows. Today it is the large housing development of Redhill.

Because of the nature of the soil Ants are likely to be encountered in gardens and occasionally properties, along with Wasps which will nest either in buildings or burrows in the ground. Bees are also a possibility due to the local landscape of parks and gardens.

With the River Stour close by forming a natural highway for animals, Rodents like Rats and Mice, will always be a problem should the correct conditions exist, certainly with the recent flooding. They are very good at adapting and taking advantage along with Squirrels who have no fear of man and find properties very appealing to nest in. Foxes will use the river and local properties to become part of their individual territories where they will thrive.

Moles can be found around Winton, both in grass verges and private gardens where they will happily tunnel away to collect their food of worms and underground insects.

Pigeons can be found in any busy town and Winton is no exception as can be witnessed with a stroll along Wimborne Road, but domestic properties are not immune as any loose or missing roof tiles can quickly be used to gain access to loft spaces where they will readily nest and could produce up to 7 broods a year.

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