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Poole is located in Dorset with a shore-line on the English Channel and it has the largest natural harbour in Europe and the second largest natural harbour in the world. The harbour area itself contains several small islands including Brownsea which is owned by the National Trust and is well known for both migrating and nesting birds. The area also contains the largest onshore oil field in Britain.

To the west of Poole are Hamworthy and Upton with Corfe Mullen, Broadstone, Canford Heath and Oakdale to the north. Moving further clockwise to the east are found Newtown, Parkstone and Branksome whilst Lilliput, Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks can be found to the south-east. It is here that the sandy beaches stretch along Poole Bay all the way to Bournemouth.

As far as the natural environment is concerned the area around Poole can be described as heathland, with wooded chines and coastline which supports all six of the reptile species native to Britain. Although many developments have destroyed a lot of natural habitats certain areas have been protected and are designated nature reserves.  Nature has learned to adapt to man encroaching on natural habitat by using what is available to help it survive.

Poole has many suburbs that were originally towns or hamlets that became part of the borough and these include Alderney, Bearwood, Creekmoor, Fleetsbridge, Longfleet, Merley, Penn Hill, Sterte, Talbot Village, Wallisdown and Waterloo to name a few! As these smaller towns were established, animals that once lived on the heathland moved into the towns and adapted to a new way of life. Insects like Fleas that once lived on wild animals now thrive on domestic pets, Ants look to gardens or buildings to provide new housing, Wasps and Bees will look for sheltered accommodation, either inside or outside. Rats and Mice will be attracted by food sources that are produced by man, be it intentionally or otherwise and gardens will become homes to Foxes, Moles, Squirrels or Rabbits. Visiting Birds will take advantage of any food and lodging available to increase their numbers.

On top of this Poole has a large number of industrial estates including the Arena Business Park, Branksome Business Centre, Mannings Heath, Nuffield Industrial estate and Tower Park. These areas too can be susceptible to Rodent, Insect, Bird and Fox activity as the diversity of buildings and food sources increases.

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