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Pest Control & Wasp Control Bransgore (Dorset) and Burley (Hampshire)

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Bransgore is situated on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire and in 1759 was called “Bransgoer Common”, later to be called “Bransgrove” in 1817  and finally in 1850 the name Bransgore.

The village was on the sheepherders route from Ringwood to Milton where a large market was held. It is a mixture of 19th century manor houses and cottages, with more modern properties and the village itself was famous in the past for the making of bricks which were used in many of the major buildings in Bournemouth.

During World War 2 Bransgore had close links with the nearby airfields of Holmsley South and Winkton.


The history of Burley can be traced back 3500 years to the Bronze age and also it has an Iron age fort which dates back 2500 years. It has long been debated as to the origin of the name Burley, it could have come from the word “Burgh” meaning defended hill fort and “Leah” meaning wood clearing.

A major business in the 18th and 19th centuries was smuggling as Burley was on a network of tracks that crossed the New Forest.  The 17th century Queens Head pub was reputed to be a favourite stop and during renovation, pistols, coins and alcohol have been discovered. Witchcraft has also featured in the history of Burley with a white witch being resident during the 1950’s.

Both the villages of Bransgore and Burley are surrounded by forest and heathland and as such, are vulnerable to the animals and insects that would normally inhabit those areas, so contact with man is unavoidable. Certainly the cattle grids in the area keep the forest ponies at bay but with smaller animals it is necessary to provide other means of proofing properties to keep out unwanted pests. Insects like Wasps and Ants will certainly be active looking for food and accommodation in gardens and properties along with Deer and Rabbits who both, will be happy to feast on garden plants if restraining methods are not employed.

Mice and Rats will take advantage of any weakness in structures to gain access to properties for their own benefit along with Squirrels who can be relentless in their search for lodging. Moles will appreciate well manicured lawns to tunnel underneath to feed on the abundance of worms and other insects that they have to eat to survive.

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