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Parkstone, near Poole in Dorset, is divided into two parts, Lower and Upper or “Up-on-‘ill” as it used to be known! Upper Parkstone was a product of the Victorian era with most of the main shops located along Ashley road, together with a few churches and pubs. The road names in the area reflect important events or people from that era, for example Victoria, Jubilee and Albert road. Lower Parkstone was originally a village called Ashley Cross and extended to the shoreline and is considered more residential and hence more sought after.

Much of Parkstone was in fact agricultural land up to the 1930s and after which, had several large potteries which produced drain pipes and had a railway, parts of which, can still be traced in the area.

Parkstone today is mostly housing and stretches from Poole in the west to Branksome in the east and Newtown to the north whilst to the south is Lilliput and Canford Cliffs. With such an urban concentration of houses, the chances of conflicts with pests are very high.

Due to the railway line that crosses the area, rodents, including Rats and Mice will naturally follow and from here, will seek out possible sources of food and lodgings and the choice is extensive. Foxes also will start from railway embankments, but they too will radiate out to look for new territories to inhabit.

The soil and climate is ideal for ants and moles, especially where there are patches of greenery with trees and it is here also, that Squirrels will thrive as well and if able, will have no hesitation invading lofts of local properties. Another less well liked pest is the Wasp and again, because of the local environment, they can flourish and become a real nuisance. Finally because of the nearby coastal area, Seagulls will also be encountered along with Pigeons who often seek out urban areas to both feed and roost.

If suitable pest prevention methods are employed then a conflict is less likely, it is when the unexpected happens with the discovery of a pest like a Rat, Mouse  or Wasps that pest control will be needed.

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