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SQUIRREL DAMAGE TO WIRING FILMED BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROLIt does not matter if you live in the countryside or a local town or built up area, sooner or later you will come into contact with a squirrel!

Squirrels have become part of everyday life and can be found in many local gardens, parks, woodlands, towns and even industrial estates. The local area has an effect on squirrel numbers mainly because of food supplies and suitable nesting locations.

In wooded areas squirrels will live in Dreys that are located high up in trees and constructed of twigs and sticks lined with leaves and fur. In urban areas there may be a lack of trees, but the squirrels will not be put off and will seek out suitable properties and move in.

I have attended jobs involving squirrels in many areas locally, including Bournemouth, Poole, Boscombe, Southbourne and Verwood (to name but a few) and all have involved the initial damage of gaining entry to a property which is followed by large amounts of vandalism and damage inside the property. Because squirrels are rodents, they are equipped with the characteristic incisors that grow throughout their lives and constant gnawing is required to keep them at a suitable length. Anything in a loft can fall victim to a squirrel including shoes and boots, boxes, fibreglass, roof joists and timber, felt, electrical wiring, insulation and even water tanks, in which, squirrels often drown.SQUIRREL DAMAGE TO NEW GUTTERING FILMED BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL

Outside of the property upvc or wood is no match for a determined squirrel intent on gaining access and fascias, soffits and even guttering can be easily breached.

Outside rubbish storage will soon be breached as squirrels are very good at chewing into plastic wheelie bins or dustbins to gain food supplies, with only metal bins with metal lids giving some protection.

Squirrel damage filmed by No-Nonsense Pest Control;

If a loft has been breached then the occupants of the property will be in for restless nights and early mornings and if young squirrels are involved, there is an increased risk of attack.

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