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NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL - FREE QUOTEVerwood  has grown from a group of hamlets that were situated along the River Crane called “Fairwood” to the town that it is today. With a growing population, this has led to increased housing and industry.

Surrounding the town of Verwood  is heath land and forest and over the years, both housing and industry, have gradually encroached into parts of it and as  with many towns throughout Dorset, as natural habitats are steadily reduced, nature fights back and adapts and many species thrive.

Properties that are built closer to forested areas can be more susceptible to attacks from forest creatures such as moles, squirrels, rabbits, ants, foxes and even deer. Rodents, like mice and rats,  will be drawn to large towns as there is always a plentiful supply of food, be it from waste or easily accessed from other sources like bird feeders. Streams and other water courses provide a natural route for them to follow and this is when conflict with man occurs.


Lawns, with a good supply of worms and insects will attract moles and deer will be attracted by various shrubs and trees that are available in most gardens. Foxes will certainly enjoy the presence of man and will actively seek out new areas to set up home and take advantage of vulnerable properties, especially the more secluded gardens.

Gardens can quickly become a good habitat for rabbits if the conditions are correct, with flowers and smaller shrubs falling victim to their endless appetites. Ants will also take advantage of a garden environment to flourish.

Wasps will easily adapt to living in man- made structures, from the humble garden shed through to the largest warehouse. A secluded spot in a loft or garage can become the perfect place to build a nest and if heating is provided, there is no reason why wasps will not thrive all year round! This has already started to happen in a few rare cases and is on the increase.

SQUIRREL DAMAGE TO SOFFITSquirrels are another creature that can adapt very easily to change and will quickly take up the offer of a safe home in a loft or roof void if access can gained. Their chewing ability is second to none and many soffits, fascias and guttering have been breached by their endless chewing and internal damage can be very costly.

It is important to be vigilant to maintain pest control and pest management  and if problems are noticed and dealt with without delay, a potential disaster can be averted.

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