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As Autumn is now with us and Winter fast approaches the thought of cooler weather comes to mind with this comes more problems to face than just wet or cold conditions that we have come to expect. The last thing on our minds is pest control or pest prevention but as you will see it may be prudent to spare a little time on this subject!

It is a fact of life that more and more we rely heavily on our vehicles to provide a safe and secure mode of transport to and from work, or as a taxi for the kids, or simply to get out and about. It may be that in a garage or workshop you are working on your pride and joy which could be the restoration of a classic car, or a motorcycle or even a boat or plane? As you sit watching the television in your warm, cosy house in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood or Verwood, do you ever wonder how secure your garage is from attacks by rodents?

Simple pest control or pest prevention could save hundreds of pounds that rats, mice or even squirrels could cause. It is also more likely that you simply do not have time or the space to put the car or van in the garage, so it sits on the driveway overnight. It is at this time that it becomes most vulnerable to attack from many pests.

The following are examples of what has actually happened to various vehicles:

Several vehicles parked in a driveway fell victim to an influx of mice that had taken up residence whilst the owners were away on holiday and in the boot of another, a rat had moved in!

Two brand new expensive vehicles were delivered to a main dealership and left for several days in an old warehouse before being prepared for sale, long enough for rats to gain entry by eating through the protective polythene layers and removing parts of the main wiring looms causing the vehicles to be returned to the manufacturer.

Several cases of warning lights coming on, or loss of power whilst driving causing owners to take their cars in for investigation, in one case a car was found to have part of its electronic engine management system damaged by gnawing, the likely culprit being mice or rats. Another case involved power loss and when dismantled, the air filters were full of nuts and acorns! (squirrels)       A more serious case was a fox that had chewed flexible brake pipes.

The last case involved systematic vandalism of seven cars, when ABS brake cables were cut or damaged. The local Police mounted an investigation and it was not until phone cables were being cut, that the vandals were discovered – SQUIRRELS!

So suffice to say, it is not just your homes under threat and maybe you can put up with the odd mouse or two in the garage, think on what they might actually be doing out there, especially rats, mice or squirrels, because when they start to breed, numbers will quickly increase and adjacent homes will fall victim as they look for suitable harbourage.

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