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NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL - FREE QUOTE The great British weather has certainly been playing tricks all year, but as far as pests and rodents are concerned there could be a sting in the tail for the general public at large!

Spring saw very moderate temperatures and this lead to a significant increase in both rat and mice numbers and they have been flourishing ever since. Temperatures have remained mild even though our rainfall has increased, so with a plentiful food supply, rodents have continued to breed at a prolific rate and various reports are suggesting that numbers are at an all time high.

Now that the harvests have been collected and the general temperatures are dropping, all these rodents will be looking for other food sources and already rural communities are feeling the effect of rat and mice invasions.

Rat damage to cables and ceiling viewed from loft.

Rat damage to cables and ceiling viewed from loft.

In Urban environments many buildings including domestic houses and commercial buildings, have already seen invasions from these pests.

Now is the time to check your properties for any signs of unwanted pest visitors and act quickly before any lasting damage can occur. The signs to look out for are external burrows in banks or around properties and compost heaps. Any damage to air vents are an invite for rodents to move in and whilst looking around the outside of the building check for any gaps around pipework and especially drains.If strange noises are heard inside a property it may be too late and urgent action will be required.

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