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With all the past heavy rain over the last couple of months and with still more to come, our local rivers will be swollen and in most cases flooding. The effects will be varied but any towns or villages within range of a watercourse will almost certainly be affected by a migration of animals fleeing the rising water levels and this is when pest control  and pest prevention become very important in Dorset.

As the water levels rise above river or stream banks, many natural habitats will be lost and the occupants will need to find other suitable accommodation somewhere close by on higher ground that is dry or in nearby buildings. These will include Mice and Rats who will easily relocate to properties where they will seek to enter and set up home. Insects, including Wasps, will be also looking to set up new homes and invariably all will come into contact with man.  Moles will migrate to new, drier areas to continue digging their tunnels for food.

The River Stour passes several large towns and villages as it meanders its way to the sea at Christchurch and places likely to be affected are: Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne, Canford, Longham, Parley, Throop, Holdenhurst, Iford, Tuckton and Christchurch because of their proximity to the river.

The River Avon passes through Fordingbridge, Bickton, Ibsley, Ringwood, Avon and Sopley before it merges with the Stour at Christchurch, these too could all be targeted by rodents and insects looking to relocate.

Bournemouth is not immune as it has the River Bourne running through the central Gardens and nearby residential properties could also be at risk.

West Moors, Ferndown and Hurn have the Moors River close by and flooding of this small river often affects access to parts of Hurn Airport.

As the water levels drop and eventually the rivers return to normal levels, it will be apparent that damage will have been done to surrounding land and properties.  Any weaknesses will be exploited and provide access to many pests including rodents and birds. Damage needs to be assessed and repaired quickly to alleviate any further stress to residents.

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