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NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL - FREE QUOTE Branksome is part of the Borough of Poole and is situated between Poole  and Bournemouth and is a mix of exclusive homes and larger housing estates.
There are two main areas, one is known as the Park and on the other side of the  main railway line is an area of larger estates which include a gas works and  the Bourne River complete with parkland and gardens which was once home to  grazing livestock.

The Park estate belonged to a member of parliament and in 1852 a plain stone Tudor house  designed by Robert Burn was built. The drive to the house is now the Branksome Avenue. Many of the Victorian properties that once lined the avenue have now been replaced with large blocks of flats. At one time, twenty foot high banks of rhododendrons separated the road from the foot-paths and this is where would be muggers and molesters waited to catch out the unwary!

The Chines have wonderful beaches complete with beach huts and the large car park at Branksome Dene, which came about after the second World War due to a local murder which involved the infamous Neville Heath and a Doreen Marshall.

Another famous person was involved with the area when in 1893, Winston Churchill as a boy, fell from the woodwork of the bridge that spanned the Dene, luckily he survived!POOLE DORSET-FOX CONTROL

With the railway, numerous streams and a river in the area it is a natural highway for both animals and insects to follow. Industry will always attract attention from nature due to buildings and possible nesting sites, with rodents, including Rats and Mice, becoming interested along with birds, including Pigeons and Seagulls, who take advantage of larger roof spaces to set up nests. As nesting sites become successful then the respective species will radiate out to look for further areas to inhabit and this will lead to conflict on a larger scale.


Natural wooded areas are a home for native creatures like Squirrels, Ants, Wasps and of course Foxes, but with our local warm climate unusual species are attracted like wild Parakeets. In other larger gardens, Deer, Moles and Rabbits may also gain a foothold and cause damage to shrubs, plants and lawns. Some of these species may carry fleas and these can be easily transferred to domestic pets and in turn to properties.


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