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Everyone has a basic responsibility for pest control and pest prevention from the builders and planners of properties to the actual owners or tenants. The planning should take into account the environmental effects of any building on the local landscape and the builders should ensure that the actual building is completed in accordance with all the necessary regulations.

When the owner or tenant moves in to a new or renovated building in Bournemouth or Poole for the first time, the responsibility of pest control and pest prevention falls to them. The same applies to older buildings that have been sold or let to new owners or tenants.

If any property has been properly maintained, then the risk of providing homes for unwanted pests can be minimised. The first step is to keep the property clean and tidy to deny food and places to hide and breed. Clutter is a favourite of rodents including Rats, Mice and Squirrels and regular vacuuming can reduce house dust mites and the associated allergens. Ventilation is an important factor as well, because a well- insulated, air-tight property can cause humid conditions which could encourage dust mites or even Silverfish.  Carpets and soft furnishings could encourage Fleas, even if no pets are present.

Simple measures, like filling cracks and crevices, can deny possible homes for Cockroaches, Bedbugs and Flies and any larger holes should be filled to prevent access by Rodents like Rats and Mice. Any rubbish should be stored in airtight bags or bins and particular care should be taken with food waste to prevent Rodent or Bird attraction.TREES TOUCHING ROOF

It is important to check externally for any faults that could give access to pests like a damaged airbrick, loose roof tiles or faulty fascias and soffits, which are perfect for Squirrels, Rats, Mice and Birds to gain entry.

In properties with gardens, it is important to remove any overgrown foliage, including bushes or tree branches, as the cover they provide, can easily be exploited. Foxes are always on the look-out for new areas to inhabit and larger bushes and shrubs can provide the cover needed to set up home and may provide harbourage for insects including Wasps. Any outbuildings,(sheds), should be sited on hard surfaces to prevent burrowing underneath.RAT/RODENT DAMAGED WHEELIE BIN

If faults are noticed and repaired promptly, then the risks of Rodent intervention is greatly reduced, if problems are left unsolved they can quickly escalate into something more serious.

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