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With house sales reaching high levels after the recent recession, the property market seems to be enjoying a surge once again.

The excitement of searching out a new home by visiting endless Estate Agents or browsing the internet for possible purchases is followed by many visits to possible locations and finally narrowing down the list of “possibles” by viewing several properties.

Hopefully, if all goes well, the property you wish to purchase is found, surveys carried out and the move is completed hassle-free.

This is what happens in many situations, but just lately, I have been called to several properties where un-invited guests have been living over a period of time. It might be that there is a Fox trail through the garden or even a den under a garden shed! Imagine the shock of looking out of the window and seeing a group of Foxes on your garden or digging up your lawn.

Other examples have been an infestation of Rats, both inside and outside a house. The first indications being scratching noises heard from within cavities and behind walls. Mice and Squirrels have also proved to be annoying discoveries in several properties and with the case of Squirrels, a lot of distress and expense caused.

Birds can often nest or roost unnoticed in properties and it is only after a brood has hatched that problems can begin with insects left behind, not to mention discarded nesting materials and droppings. Loft spaces prove an ideal hiding place for Wasps and can go un-noticed. Fleas can be a real problem and can be difficult to detect and if the previous owners had pets, they are often kept out of the way during house viewings, the only clues are when bites appear on legs, which could be after a period of several weeks.

If the property is in a rural area, then other animals could be a problem, especially if there are nearby fields, woods or waterways as these are a magnet for Rodents, Moles, Rabbits, Deer or even Badgers.

Several viewings of a property is always advised and at different times of the day.

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