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Feral pigeons-bird controlGo into many built up towns and you will see ever increasing numbers of pigeons either roosting or feeding. Pigeons are very good at surviving on hand-outs from man, be it food or shelter.

Bournemouth, Poole, Boscombe, Winton, Christchurch, Ringwood, Verwood and other towns locally have all become victims of the feral pigeon and evidence of their presence can be easily seen on ledges, roofs and even on the ground, where they leave behind large amounts of droppings. It is these droppings that can harbour nasty surprises. Here are just a few:


Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings. It also grows in soils and is found throughout the world. When cleaning droppings a person may breathe in some of the fungus, which in cases of high exposure can cause infection. Symptoms can include chest pains, fever and fatigue.


A fungal disease associated with the droppings of pigeons and can be found growing throughout the world in soil. People with a compromised immune system are more at risk.


A rare infectious disease also known as ornithosis that can be found in parrots, parakeets and pigeons. When the droppings dry out and become airborne humans risk inhaling them and sickness follows. Symptoms can include headache, fever, rash, fatigue, chills and even pneumonia.Feral pigeon-No-Nonsense Pest Control


A fungus or yeast infection that is spread by pigeons that affects the skin, mouth, the intestines and respiratory system.


This is often associated with food poisoning and is carried by pigeons along with starlings and sparrows. The bacteria is found in the droppings and the dust from which can contaminate food, cooking areas, factories and homes.


If birds feed on affected cattle manure it is reproduced in droppings that can contaminate food and water supplies.


Pigeons, starlings and sparrows are known hosts and often when nests are vacated, Bed Bugs are left behind to find other (human) hosts.


These mites have been found on pigeons, starlings and sparrows and are carriers of encephalitis and if left behind at the end of the season, they will go in search of human blood.

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