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It can be very distressing to be awoken out of a peaceful sleep by scratching, rustling or chewing noises in a property. When the shock has worn off it is time to investigate and see who or what has invaded!

Pests ranging from Rodents, (Rats, Mice and Squirrels) to Birds can be the likely culprits, however, Insects (Wasps,  Bees and even Ladybirds and spiders) can also make their presence known by noises and other means.

The problem usually starts outside where that particular pest has found a weakness in the structure of the building that it can easily exploit.

Ants need very small cracks or gaps to enter a property and along with Spiders they will readily explore inside for food and in some cases take up a more permanent residency.access for insects

Wasps and Bees are experts at exploitation and with a south facing wall with a suitable hole or gap, a nest will be quickly built and inhabited. Wasps can make loud “crackling” noises whilst nest building.Wasps

Birds will readily explore and nest in suitable gaps or openings and the noise from newly hatched chicks can be easily heard at all times of the day and night! ROOSTING STARLING TAKEN BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL

Fleas have an easier ride into a property, either through the front door or a suitable pet flap. They will hitch a ride on any suitable warm blooded host, be it man or pet.

RAT ENTRY THROUGH AIRBRICK IN BOURNEMOUTH BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROLRats and Mice are more subtle and will gain access by using their strong teeth to open new entrances or exploit weaker areas of a property, at ground level or higher.

Squirrels are real masters of access and will enter a property at all levels, even by airbricks at lower levels if able, but they  prefer to climb and enter higher up in a property causing untold damage in the process. Overhanging trees or bushes provide a good cover.TREES TOUCHING ROOF

Foxes will gain access by tunnelling under buildings to make their Dens and garden sheds are a particular favourite in quieter gardens or schools. Fences prove no match for their agility as they are able to go over or dig under.FOX ACCESS NEAR CHRISTCHURCH PHOTOGRAPHED BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL

Moles are impossible to keep out of gardens, fields, etc, as their constant tunnelling for food has no boundaries and they are able to cross many obstacles including roads and rivers.

It is a constant challenge to maintain a property, but if weaknesses are quickly repaired, the risks of a pest infestation is greatly reduced.

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