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The summer is now well and truly with us and most of us are enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. This also applies to wildlife, as wasp numbers increase on a daily basis, more households are discovering these unwanted insects have moved in, or around properties, causing distress and in some cases, painful stings. The nests can be found in all sorts of locations, be it high or low or, large or small, from Bournemouth and Poole to Ringwood, Christchurch and Verwood, right across the BH postcode areas of Dorset and beyond. If wasps nests are discovered it is important to get professional help to remove or treat the nest as some DIY attempts have ended in disaster!  wasp, wasp control by No-Nonsense Pest Control

As the countryside environment dries out, moles are seeking moist areas to catch their daily intake of insects etc. for food and many gardens and green areas of grass are falling victim to molehills signalling that moles have taken over. If left un-checked, serious damage will occur and areas will quickly resemble battlefields!

Mole control by No-Nonsense Pest Control

Taking up a lot of space in the national press has been the explosion of Fleas. These can be found all year round but numbers are very high at the moment due to increased contact with domestic pets that tend to spend more time outside in the warmer weather, increasing the risks of becoming infested and in turn, infesting both domestic and commercial properties. Prompt action is required to halt infestations, as an adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day! A planned strategy is required to combat any threat and the advice of a vet will be needed to treat any pets correctly. Many people spend vast amounts of money to treat their homes or properties but use the wrong type of treatments and get into a downward spiral causing distress and failing to halt the advance of the infestation. It is important to break the breeding cycle safely.

If insect activity is not enough, rodents are still active both inside and outside properties mice and rats will be benefitting from extra food sources that are generated by picnics, barbeques and any discarded food waste that is left behind by eating outside. Numbers can quickly swell to match the food available and damage and expense will quickly follow if left un-treated.

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