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The environment is changing and this is affecting everyone. The weather is getting warmer and exhibiting more extremes, a months’ rain in an hour, drought, stronger winds, etc.etc.

It maybe as an individual, we can only do a very small amount to affect the outcome, but as a collective we can certainly make a difference. This is certainly the case with the effects we have on the nature and animals in our immediate vicinity.

It is very easy to purchase chemicals or poisons to try and eradicate problems in our homes, gardens or work places and in some cases these can have a detrimental effect and even escalate the problem.

With rodents, such as mice and rats, this is being felt in certain areas of the UK with signs of immunity to poison being seen or “bait shyness” being experienced leading to other control methods needing to be employed.

Any rodenticide should be used in a carefully planned, responsible manner. Product labels MUST be read and followed and only the species required, to be targeted, if not, disastrous results could follow and be far reaching. There are many examples of this happening, for example, if a rat is seen in a garden, the first thought is to dispense poison in the area to kill it. If this is done incorrectly, non-target animals quickly become the victims and the chain of events could quickly escalate out of control.

Example 1: Target rat – mice eat poison and die – mouse eaten by cat/dog/fox /bird of prey.

Example 2: Target rat/mouse – bird eats poison and dies – bird eaten by cat/dog/fox /bird of prey.

Example 3: Target rat/mouse – squirrel eats poison and dies – squirrel eaten by cat/dog/fox /bird of prey.

Example 4: Target slugs/snails – hedgehogs eats dead slugs/snails – birds eat dead slugs/snails – bird eaten by cat/dog/fox /bird of prey.

As can be seen from these basic examples, other animals and birds can become victims of bad practice and this in turn can lead to an unbalanced local environment by removing beneficial predatory species, causing rodent numbers to actually increase.

It could be that physical, rather than chemical methods of control, including proofing or removal of attractive food sources, will solve the initial problem without harm to other species.

Whatever the problem is initially, be it rodent, insect or mammal, it is always worth getting professional advice before embarking on any treatments to prevent what could be a minor problem becoming a major disaster.

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