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Rat control by No-Nonsense Pest ControlThere are well over 7 million domestic cats in Britain and possibly over 10 million dogs!

Domestic cats and dogs are a very common sight nowadays and most families own at least one or the other and in most cases they have a free run of the properties they live in, being able to enter or leave as they wish, by using a cat or dog flap. With this method, it is common practice to leave food and water down so the pet can come and go and eat at will.

Just as domestic pets quickly grasp the situation, so do wild animals that frequent our gardens and properties. Mice and rats can smell food from long distances and have the ability to enter properties through very small holes or cracks, or even via drains. Some even now enter properties via open doors or windows and of course un-protected cat or dog flaps.

Cats in particular are normally very good at catching rodents and want to show off their respective exploits to their owners. The quickest way is to bring the mouse, rat, bird or even a rabbit indoors is via the cat flap, where more often than not, the rodent escapes unseen into the property or the bird causes possible damage or fouling.  fox, No Nonsense Pest Control

Foxes are becoming a nuisance by entering properties on a regular basis and one of the main reasons is because there fear of man has been greatly reduced to a point where they will happily co – habit if needed. One of the main causes of this is the feeding of foxes by people in their gardens and in several cases I have seen, even indoors. This can lead to all sorts of problems. Foxes carry fleas and other diseases that can be contracted by domestic pets. By feeding a fox, you are teaching it to accept food from humans, a reward. Not everyone shares this affection and problems regularly occur when the feeding stops, for whatever reason, and the fox then goes next door and demands the same favours.

Careful planning can avert a potential problem with entry points into a property and as with the case of a cat or dog flap, careful management is needed to stop unwanted visitors.

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