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SQUIRREL DAMAGE IN POOLE PHOTOGRAPHED BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROLYet again, the weather this week has been full of surprises ranging from sleet and snow to rain and cold snaps. This has had the normal effect of causing wildlife to come into conflict with Man in various ways.

The majority of pest control jobs this week have involved rodents including rats and mice who have decided to seek dry and warm habitation, both commercial and domestic properties have been involved. It is very important to keep buildings proofed against access, as any unwanted visitor can cause damage and upset and in some cases, unnecessary suffering.

Birds are starting to look for nest sites already and if there happens to be a vulnerable property available, they will move in rapidly. Once in, they can be very difficult and possibly costly to remove and in some cases, illegal to act against.

Many properties have bird feeders in one form or another and these can be a magnet, not only for birds, but other animals as well. If properly controlled, bird feeders can be a beneficial help to wild birds, but if allowed to get out of control by overfeeding, not only Rodents will be attracted, including squirrels, but foxes will show an interest to. It is very important to remove excess food overnight to stop this happening and if rodents are seen, then remove the feeder altogether.Rat control by No-Nonsense Pest Control

Foxes have no fear of humans, mainly because more and more people are feeding them. It is worth remembering that they are a wild animal and certainly not a pet. If foxes are fed on a regular basis, they could come to rely on that source in the future and will certainly impact on other properties in the vicinity and more conflicts will occur. Squirrels are always a menace and once entering a property, damage will quickly follow.

Moles,Mole control, mole catching by No-nonsense Pest control, Bournemouth,Christchurch,Ringwood Verwood and poole.Finally, moles are very active at the moment and causing damage to various lawns and other “green” areas and if left alone could destroy lawns, etc, completely. If molehills are spotted it is vital to employ some form of mole control quickly to avoid further expense.

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