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FLY (Bluebottle) taken by No-nonsense Pesty ControlDid you know?

Flies are the only insect to have 2 wings – all others have 4.

Flies have a smelling distance of over 750 yards.

A fly’s feeding range is usually limited to two miles.

A single dustbin, if not emptied, can be the breeding ground for 30,000 flies.

A female housefly will lay 3,000 eggs within its life span of 21 days.

During warm weather, a fly can produce a family generation in less than two weeks.

There are 120,000 species of flies, ranging in size from 1/20th of an inch to 3 inches.

Flies are also dormant in the winter which means that the same diseases can be carried over one year to another.

Fly taken by No-Nonsense Pest ControlFlies are just one of the pests that can be dealt with by No-Nonsense Pest Control.

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