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If you venture outside in the evenings at this time of year and conditions are right you may well be bumped into by a large beetle known as a “May Bug” or “June Bug”! Common Cockchafer  (2)

They are in fact the Common Cockchafer, (Melolontha melolontha), meaning big beetle and they belong to the Scarab family of beetles.  Adults can grow to 30mm long and have distinctive white coloured triangles along their sides with hairy brown bodies and orange coloured antennae which resembles a fan.  It is the antennae that enable the males to track females at night by detecting pheromones.

The adults will only live for 5 or 6 weeks and during this time they will emerge at dusk on warm evenings to fly into tree tops to mate and feed on foliage, making their notorious loud humming noise. They are also attracted to lights.

Common Cockchafer  (3)The females have a segment at the rear which is called a pygidium and it long and pointed and is used to lay eggs directly into the ground and can be mistaken for a sting.

The life cycle starts as eggs which are laid in June to July which then hatch out into grubs that live underground for up to 5 years. These grubs can grow up to 4cm in length feeding on roots and tubers before they pupate into an adult beetle emerging in late spring.

The grubs are a source of food for not only Owls and Bats, but Foxes, Badgers and birds too and damage can be caused to lawns when the grubs are discovered by predators.Common Cockchafer  (1)

The Cockchafer is more of a nuisance than a pest, especially when they enter indoors via chimneys or open windows and can cause fear by their size and noise.  In some cases they can be mistaken for cockroaches.  They are in fact harmless and do not bite or sting.

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