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wasp, wasp control by No-Nonsense Pest ControlSummer appears to have finally arrived and if we needed any confirmation then go out into the garden and look at the increase in the number of insects that are flying around!

This week has seen a dramatic increase in the call for wasps nests in the area, both inside and outside properties. Nests have varied in size as well as location, ranging from inside air bricks, in lofts, along, or in roof lines and even in ventilation grills.

It is VERY important to treat any potential wasps nest with the correct method or chemicals, if not, possible disaster or injury could follow. Wasp control should never be taken lightly, any wasp treatment should be carried out with suitable protective clothing or measures in place to protect the person carrying out the treatment.

wasps-nest-nononsense pest controlCalls concerning bees are still coming in several times a day, with initial confusion in identification being the main problem. A lot of bumble bees are selecting higher nesting areas this year, with a few others selecting bird boxes, under sheds and even a rabbit hutch!

Honey bees are still swarming and chimneys are still proving to be the favourite resting places.

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