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FOX ACCESS NEAR CHRISTCHURCH PHOTOGRAPHED BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROLHow many of us go outside and have a real good look at our property or even explore our loft spaces once in a while? It can be surprising what can be found in either gardens or within the property itself.

Loft spaces can hold all sorts of creatures from bats to birds and mice to squirrels, not to mention flies to wasps.wasps-nest-nononsense pest control

All of these creatures could have a major impact on our lives and of course our properties. In some cases, expensive damage can occur very quickly and health could be put at risk.

Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels certainly will change the environment in a loft space very quickly and the results can be very unpleasant, not to mention the costs of damage involved. Wasps thrive in loft spaces and nests can quickly gather in size, resulting in wasps entering the living space of the affected property.

Outside, the same can happen. Even simple tasks like mowing the lawn or gardening, can result in painful injuries from wasp stings or even hornets.

If a food source is readily available, rodents including rats and mice will take full advantage of the situation and readily set up home on site or close by. Moles are increasingly becoming a threat to the gardens in many areas and their runs and molehills will certainly affect the general appearance of an area and damage to plants and lawns normally follows.

Other larger animals can frequent our gardens, often unnoticed until a chance encounter uncovers their movements. Foxes are masters of stealth along with badgers, but will leave signs of their presence in one form or another, this can include digging, simple trails or marking of boundaries.Molehills - No-Nonsense pest control

So go up into your loft once in a while, or wander around the garden and take time to examine the areas to find out what else is sharing your living space!

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