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WASP CONTROL-WASPS NEST RINGWOODIt is certainly getting busy with wasp nests at the moment and each nest is different, both in location and size.

Several have been located in gaps around dormer windows where the lead flashing has left the smallest of holes, big enough for a wasps nest to be established. Fascias and soffits are always a popular target, especially if south facing.

Others have preferred to go underground and build nests at the base of fences, especially around posts where the soil has come away from concrete leaving chambers ideal for a nest. Another nest was located under a hedge and the wasps had excavated a hole at the base, but had cut the leaves to enable an easier flight path to the nest! An old mole-run that had been exposed by the soil drying out in the middle of a lawn, had left the perfect place for wasps to build.

Outbuildings are as popular as ever with nests being attached to the inside of shed and workshop roofs giving the owners a nasty shock when entering and looking up! A garage contained a large nest above the door that the owner was totally unaware of.

Loft spaces are always a favourite, as there are plenty of entry points and space to expand with warm and dry conditions.



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