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With the very unpredictable weather we are having just lately, many pests are in a state of confusion!

The wasps are continuing at a pace, even though the heavy rain periods threaten to disrupt their season. It seems they are adapting to the climate by laying low on the wet days, but making up for it with increased activity when the sun comes out. Nests have been appearing overnight in some cases giving householders quite a shock.

Rats and mice are still very much active in properties along with squirrels who are finding loft spaces are ideal places to raise a family. The damage caused in the process can be alarming and if not treated quickly, can become very expensive.

Foxes and even badgers are getting in on the act, invading domestic gardens on the look – out for food and lodging.

Moles are busy expanding territories and once established, molehills are the inevitable outcome with underground tunnels causing further damage.

Remaining vigilant and dealing with pest problems quickly can avoid damage and distress in the future. If left for too long, pest problems could rapidly get worse and be more difficult and costly to resolve.

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