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foxes at play in a local Bournemouth gardenWith the Autumn equinox now with us, the days will get shorter and the nights longer and life in general tends to slow down a little?

Not so for animals and insects, the rush in on to feed up before possible hibernation, or to find suitable homes ready for the inevitable cold weather that will eventually arrive in the winter.

Rodents including rats, mice and squirrels are already testing new locations or even returning to areas previously used for nesting. To the owner of the properties involved this can be the start of possible distress and unexpected costs if left to develop.HORNET MIMIC HOVERFLY (3)

Insects including wasps, are feeding on any available food sources and a particular favourite being the late flowering ivy found in many gardens. The pungent smell given off can result in thousands of insects converging on a single bush to feed. It is not only wasps that are attracted but also flies, hoverflies and bees as well. The sight of so many insects together in one place can be quite alarming!

Foxes are busy, with the younger animals looking for new areas to inhabit and feed, with damaged lawns being the end result in many cases.

Also in our countryside, moles are still very much active and always on the lookout for fresh feeding grounds rich in insects and worms to feed on to sustain them through the coming months.

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