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September has crept up on us after one of the wettest periods for a long time, it is time to venture out into our gardens and see what is happening!

A few early bulbs have already sprung up and the grass has certainly grown, but beware, before you get the mower out of the shed, just take a few minutes to check that there are no active wasps nests inside or around the structure, as the results could be at best, painful or at worst fatal.WASP CONTROL-WASPS NEST RINGWOOD

It does not stop there, a lot of wasps have been using holes in the ground to make a home and if disturbed, will defend with aggression.

Wasps are very active at the moment making up for the time lost during the wetter periods and as the season progresses they will certainly become more of a nuisance in search of “sweeter” foods.



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