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THE STOUR IN FLOODThe New Year may be with us but the weather continues to be wet on a daily basis. It may be a cold front, a warm front, or even an occluded front, the effects seem to be the same at present – rain, rain and more rain!

The average temperatures have certainly been higher than normal over the past couple of months and the levels of rain have certainly caused the water tables to rise and the rivers to flood.

As areas of land become saturated, anything living there is forced to find alternative accommodation away from flooded areas. The areas affected can be both urban and rural due to the fact that drains can fill up and flood rapidly and causing a “back-up” effect.

Any buildings closest to flooded areas are the first to fall victim to migrating populations of rodents including rats and mice. If intrusions are not dealt with quickly, the problem can quickly escalate and various forms of damage can occur. There is also the possibility of certain diseases being spread by the rodents.

Moles will also flee flooded areas in search of drier locations to feed. If this is a garden or lawn, the first molehills that appear will strike fear in avid gardeners and if left untreated, will only get worse.Molehills - No-Nonsense pest control

If temperatures drop as expected, this will only exacerbate the problem.

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