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ROOSTING STARLING TAKEN BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROLWith the Christmas and the New Year break now well and truly over, the weather has settled into the dark winter routine with heavy rain becoming the norm.

Do not despair, British Summer Time starts on 27th March and already the days are getting longer, if only gradually!

Certainly nature is not resting and many animals are taking advantage of the darker days to set up home un-seen. It might be that a few scratching sounds have been heard from the loft area or noises in the cavities? The cause could be rodent or bird. Squirrels are always looking for dry secure location and a warm loft, or in some cases, cavities, fit the bill nicely.GREY SQUIRREL (5)

Rats and mice take full advantage of darkness and any cover available to search out suitable locations and if left un-checked with a good food source, can quickly establish new colonies.

Birds, including Sparrows and Starlings, are very good at exploiting loose tiles or holes in soffits and fascias or missing vent covers. Pigeons will easily move loose roof slates to gain access.

Outside in the garden, any foliage growing against buildings or over hanging branches, adds to coverage from predators and give more time for unwanted pests to enter properties.

MOLE HILLS -MOLE CONTROL NEEDEDAnother benefactor of the weather is the Mole. If the soil is soft from the wet weather it is easier to dig, something which a mole is extremely good at! The rain encourages worms to rise and this means a good food source of the Mole is readily accessible. If the temperatures drop and the worms stay lower in the ground, the Mole follows suit. If the ground becomes too waterlogged they will migrate to drier areas. The molehills created and the damage to lawns and gardens cause many a gardener great anxiety. It is important to act quickly, otherwise the number of molehills can quickly escalate and without professional help can cause untold damage.

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