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With Easter now long gone, we are into British summer time and can expect warmer weather, that is if nature responds and the sun eventually comes out for longer periods.THE STOUR IN FLOOD

At this time of year animals are busy setting up homes to increase their numbers and already the signs are there that this is happening. Birds in particular are busy building nests in various locations and young chicks are appearing. Rooks and crows are evident in wooded areas and even garden birds, like the Robin, have had nests in a couple of gardens I have visited locally. Seagulls are pairing off and can be seen on taller buildings in the area seeking out nesting sites.

Because the “water table” is still very high in certain areas, rodents like Rats and Mice, are being very reluctant to leave both commercial and domestic properties in search of natural environments, the result being, they will stay and breed in properties and in some cases rodents are actively seeking out properties for this purpose instead of remaining in natural habitation.

foxes at play in a local Bournemouth gardenSquirrels, Foxes and Moles are all getting in on the act as well, remaining clear of flooded or very damp areas. Even ants have been active and will be attracted to warmer areas like buildings in search of food.

Vigilance is the key to preventing any pests gaining a foothold that could become difficult to remove if not acted upon quickly.Moles,Mole control, mole catching by No-nonsense Pest control, Bournemouth,Christchurch,Ringwood Verwood and poole.

Poisons are not always the answer to combatting problems involving pests and in some cases it can be illegal and harmful to the general environment. Proofing can play an important part of pest prevention and if used quickly, can prevent damage and further costs.



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