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wasp nest in a loft taken by No-Nonsense Pest ControlWe often associate wasps nesting inside a property within the loft space or attic, but this is only partly true. Wasps will nest wherever there is an opportunity to form a nest with space to grow and relative safety from any form of interference.

Location is the key for any nest, along with easy access to and from the site chosen, the area should be dry and warm and noise levels low. The loft space is ideal for this and is probably where the Queen wasp has spent the winter hibernating in solitude. As temperatures rise outside, the Queen wasp will be spurred into action and nest building will commence and eggs laid for the start of a new colony. Nests can be built hanging from joists or rafters, under the tiles, in the roofing felt, attached to water tanks or even in the insulation and at any height.Queen wasp nest

WASP NEST NEAR VERWOOD PHOTOGRAPHED BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROLOpen windows can be an invite, with nests being built in hanging curtains, under furniture and even in beds!

Outside, wasp nests can be built under the eaves of property, especially if there is a wooden or other form of overhang, giving protection. Even lower down, a nest can be built in a porch and even air bricks at ground level. If there are any holes in brickwork or walls giving access to the cavities behind, then these too will be made use of.

In the garden or around the property, if there are any suitable holes in the ground and they are facing a warmer aspect, these will be explored, enlarged and utilised. Wasps are very good at shifting soil! Old tree stumps and compost heaps also being favourites, along with shrubs, bushes, trees and disused mole runs.

Often, wasp nests will go unnoticed until they are disturbed by a human or animal, then problems will occur and it is very important to get the nest sorted quickly and safely to avoid further risk to health and safety of both humans and animals.wasps


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