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Rat control by No-Nonsense Pest ControlThe famous song by UB40 said it all – “There’s a rat in my kitchen what am I gonna do?” Rats can gain access not only to a kitchen, but a whole property very easily and they only need a hole of 6mm to do it.

Being masters of adaptation, the rat can quickly take advantage of any building defects both above and below ground level to enter properties and will infest any part of a building using drains, pipework, floor voids and cavities to move around unseen, eventually gaining access to loft spaces.

Food is the main prize of any scouting mission and rats are omnivorous, meaning they will eat just about anything they find palatable. Any food that has been interfered with by rats should be destroyed as it will have become contaminated and could contain various diseases.RAT ENTRY THROUGH AIRBRICK IN BOURNEMOUTH BY NO-NONSENSE PEST CONTROL

Rat damage to cables and ceiling viewed from loft.

Rat damage to cables and ceiling viewed from loft.

The damage caused by rats can be serious and costly because of their chewing abilities, (hence the name rodent – meaning to gnaw). Wiring, pipework, plastics, ceilings, insulation, roofing and woodwork are just a few of the materials they can damage or destroy leading to more potentially disastrous problems. Electrical and alarm wiring damage, can cause expensive repairs to be carried out and increase the risk of possible fires.

The first signs of a rat invasion can vary between noises heard in cavities or loft space to droppings found in various parts of the property. It is important to act quickly and call professional help as soon as possible. If left untreated the problem can quickly escalate and cause amongst other things, distress.

A check of the outside of the property can often reveal how the rodent entered and any gaps or defects should be repaired as soon as they are noticed. Failure to keep the property secure could affect the insurance policy of the property.

RAT PRINTSAny potential food sources should be removed, especially bird feeders, and any waste bins made secure or removed to prevent further attraction along with any foliage that is too close to the building or providing cover for the rats to move around unseen.

As the song says -“I’m gonna fix that rat that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna fix that rat.” With professional help and no delays, the problem can be fixed.


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