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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Calls are literally flooding in for wasps and bees at the moment, the “season” is in full swing with multiple conflictions between man and insects!

The majority of calls at the moment are for Bumble Bees which are invading properties of all types from houses, mobile homes, caravans, sheds and even bird boxes!

Bumble Bees are not really classed as a pest and are in fact a useful commodity, as they pollinate plants and flowers. In most cases that I have seen lately, they are White-Tailed Bumble Bees and most have been picking vulnerable locations at higher levels. When they enter a property via a small or large hole, the nest can be anywhere within a three metre radius making it nearly impossible to predict the exact location. If left alone, they will live in harmony as long as they are left un-disturbed and pose no threat. It is at lower levels that nests can cause problems.

Not to be outdone, Honey Bees are swarming and they can introduce all sorts of problems for householders or tenants if they decide to inhabit critical areas of a property. If left to their own devices, a Honey Bee swarm may move on within 48 hours, if not and they establish a suitable resting place, then the end result could be damage from honey seepage costing large amounts of money to repair.

Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Finally Wasps are once more building nests at a rapid pace in properties, outbuildings, gardens, bushes and trees. Wasp nests can “pop up” within hours and quickly grow in size unseen, until a fateful encounter which at best, could lead to painful stings, or at worst, death in extreme cases.WASP NEST WASP CONTROL

It is important not to delay getting professional advice and treatment, leaving a minor problem for too long could result in a major disaster.

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