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WASPS NESTNow is the time to be alert for wasps, not only outdoors, around the garden or home, but indoors as well.wasps nest

wasps and woodWasps can build a nest very quickly and often unnoticed until a sudden encounter can lead to a nasty shock. The main ingredient needed for a wasps nest is wood. This can be plundered from almost any source, treated or not, garden furniture, fences, decking and sheds being a few of the vulnerable targets. Once the source is located, a steady stream of wasp workers, will ferry the material to a nearby location that the Queen wasp has selected previously, and a nest is born!

As the contents of the nest grow, so does the nest and the building process continues up until the last Queen wasps finally leave at the end of the season.

Activity can begin at first light and will continue until darkness settles with a constant flow of wasps flying back and forth direct to the nest. To add to all this aerial activity, other wasps will be feeding the larvae and will be out searching for insects including flies, caterpillars and even spiders! This prey is flown back to the nest in a direct line leading to a very busy nest entrance.

The wasp nest itself could be in full view or completely hidden and never seen, especially if it is underground or hidden inside the structure of a building, the only clues will be frenetic activity of the wasps going in and out of a hole, crack or crevice.wasp nest

It is very important to never block an active entrance to a wasps nest, as they will become extremely aggressive and will attack any intruder or threat to the nest.

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