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MOLEThe better weather encourages us to spend more time outside in the fresh air enjoying our respective gardens. Moles feel this way too, although with a different way of enjoying the food that our gardens produce!

It is the insects, worms and other foods that are in our gardens that the moles are searching for with their endless tunnelling. Freshly dug ground and mown grass stimulate worms and insect activity providing new larders for the moles to harvest. This is done through a network of mole tunnels that the food drops into and is quickly eaten.

Plants are not a target or food source, but the tunnels can disturb the roots, causing damage and the soil excavated left behind in molehills, causes all sorts of problems. Once level areas suddenly become uneven and bare patches can take over from once lush areas. Patios can drop, the stones or slabs becoming dislodged, soil or sand displaced and drainage affected. Ornamental edging can become displaced and even new turf disturbed.

MOLES MOLEHILLSThe number of molehills can vary depending on several factors including soil density, depth of tunnels, number of moles and area involved.Molehills - No-Nonsense pest control

Further problems occur if any sort of livestock is kept in fields or paddocks. The mole activity can cause serious problems if the tunnelling is left untreated and large amounts of grass can be lost under the molehills created.

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