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MouseMice are very inquisitive creatures and like nothing more than a good “nose” around and they are very good at gaining access to properties, needing only holes of 4 to 6 mm to make a successful entry!
The normal house is a perfect location for the mouse to explore and even the smallest amounts of food available are enough to provide a reward and encourage a longer stay. It could be that the initial invasion will take place in the garden area where food is not a problem to find, especially bird feeders. From here any outbuildings are normally the next step and access can be quickly found to sheds, greenhouses and garages.
Any items stored have the potential to be used for nesting, either in or around. A family of six mice in a cluttered garage can grow to over fifty in only ninety days, if suitable amounts of food are available close by. Even cars are not immune to invasion, as being part of the rodent family, mice are noted for their gnawing characteristics and find the insides of vehicles perfect for nesting.
mice droppingsA good indication of mice activity is the presence of droppings and signs of chewing. They are sporadic feeders and will quickly move on to sample other available foodstuffs nearby before returning to feed on the original item selected.
Waste bins can be a magnet for any rodent and mice will readily exploit this easy food source, it is important that lids are close fitting and bins are emptied on a regular basis.
Good rodent proofing is a way of deterring mice and a closer inspection can often reveal ways of reducing mice invasions. Ensure any holes in brickwork are filled, seal around pipes, drains and vents and use rubber or bristle seals around garage doors to prevent access. The removal of foliage close to a building can reduce much needed cover for rodent activity.
If you discover a mouse infestation, do not leave it too long before acting as it can quickly grow into something more serious and numbers could swell rapidly.
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