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GREY SQUIRREL As summer now slips away, we will have to endure shorter daylight hours which produce longer periods of darkness than light, culminating in the “shortest day”!

Darkness provides cover for many insects and rodents to move around unseen and profit from these circumstances and as the temperatures drop too, movement will be the key to winter survival. It is now that many animals are looking for somewhere warm and dry to call home ready for the autumn and winter months and pest control and pest prevention becomes even more important.

Wasps can continue for several months yet if the temperatures remain warm and it is not unknown for them to remain active for longer, especially if they have a cosy warm loft to live in that is being artificially heated by insufficient insulation and a readily available food source.

Rodents will always be ready to exploit weaknesses in properties and more so now, because of the extra cover that darkness provides. Any food sources will initially attract mice, rats or even squirrels and if they are able to find lodging close by, they will stay and cause potential damage and misery for the unfortunate property owner or tenant.

The fox is always on hand to reap the benefits of food waste produced by Man and a quiet garden could provide a new home, maybe under a shed?fox-hole-under-fence

spidersInsects such as spiders will be looking for enhanced protection from cooler weather and will exploit cracks and crevices in many buildings which will lead to future conflicts. Fleas will also take advantage of our pets to gain access to warm properties to feed and breed.

Moles will continue whatever the weather and of course they do NOT hibernate!MOLE HILLS -MOLE CONTROL NEEDED

Birds will be looking for sheltered locations to roost in safety, especially the feral pigeon, which can co-exist with man very easily.

Being vigilant now could alleviate many future conflicts, home maintenance being the key. If problems are noticed and immediate action is taken, potential disasters and future expensive damage can be avoided.

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