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As Christmas edges nearer and excitement grows it is time to go up in the loft and dust off the boxes with the decorations inside and retrieve the plastic tree and ornaments from where they had been placed last January. BEWARE.Rat in loft
It has probably been almost a year since the boxes etc were carefully repacked and replaced in the loft and that is more than enough time for other interested parties to move in!
As the temperatures gradually decrease outside it still remains warm and dry inside in the loft which makes it a perfect place to raise a family. We are all guilty of storing items in the loft that “ will one day be useful”, but as is normally the case, these items mount up and become homes for all sorts of creatures including rodents like squirrels, mice, rats , spiders, wasps and birds.
The most important factors needed for a good home are food, warmth, somewhere dry, relative quietness and water. If nesting materials are available as well, then all the boxes are ticked. Loft insulation is perfect for nest making, as are old magazines, boxes, carpet, clothing and luggage to name but a few.
mice-droppingsRodents (rats and mice and squirrels) will easily gain access to a loft space and will stay if the conditions are right for them. Rats need water to supplement their food but mice do not, so as many properties have water tanks in their lofts, it gives an unlimited supply. Even old tanks have a use as a ready made nesting area, being dry and with suitable access holes from the old pipework, with a little nesting material added, perfect. The food source can vary, but a favourite of mice are candles and also pine cones, which are often used as decoration for the tree. Speaking of decorations, the wiring for the tree lights are ideal for chewing and gnawing by not only rats and mice, but squirrels as well.
Squirrels will chew just about anything from shoes to roof joists, including electrical wiring. They delight in “stomping “ about at very early or very late times in the day. If they have young in the nest area in a loft, they will be very aggressive.
Wasps are more commonly thought of as a summer pest only, not so! There are still active nests in lofts at this time of year, especially if there is a lack of insulation in the loft. This can cause artificially high temperatures in the loft, (not to mention high heating bills) and the wasps will carry on, leading to very large nests.
Birds love lofts at all times of the year for all the same reasons and if entry is allowed they will quickly take advantage. Starlings and Sparrows are mainly a summer visitor for nesting and are protected by law, but pigeons will inhabit at any time.
So when entering the realm of the loft area, just take a little time to look around and check for any unwanted activity and hopefully the only surprises will be, when you open your Christmas presents!
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