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Rat control by No-Nonsense Pest ControlThe Bournemouth Echo carried the above article about rats in the centre of Bournemouth and it seems to have stirred up the argument of refuse collections.

Unfortunately waste is only part of the problem and judging by the calls I have received, it is NOT limited to a small part of Bournemouth.Rat attack on wheelie bin

Rodents are on the increase and sightings are now becoming a common occurrence on a daily basis. It is also true that fear of humans is decreasing as certain species learn to adapt and take advantage of easily accessible food sources, birds and rodents being a prime example.

Geology and location play a major role in the way animals and humans live and many man made structures can have a direct effect on animal numbers.

The main railway acts as a thoroughfare, not only for commuters, but animals as well. The banks offer good areas for burrows or dens and litter alongside the tracks is a good source of food. The main park areas have a river running through which acts as a conduit for animals to follow. There are litter bins which rodents, especially squirrels, find very inviting. With many domestic and commercial properties in that area as well, the majority of which have bin areas out of sight within easy reach of the park, some with trees providing cover. Perfect!Squirrel damage filmed by No-Nonsense Pest Control;

Many householders and business owners tend to leave a problem too long before responding and if the problem is not treated correctly, it can quickly get out of control causing not only distress but could be financially demanding as well.

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