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FOX FOOTPRINTSIf most of Dorset is covered in snow as we saw last year and temperatures remain at or below freezing, then it is the perfect time to do a visual check to see what wildlife is actually visiting your property and where it is going to or coming from. Even after a heavy storm, or prolonged wet weather, the ground can still be used to reveal what footprints are in your garden.

Obviously the smaller animals like rodents, including mice and rats, will not leave clear footprints in soft snow, but they well may leave a trail that can be easily seen. Chances are they will remain under cover, especially if they have access to a nice warm home, but eventually they will have to venture out for food. Places to look around the property include air-bricks, drains, doorways, garages, out-buildings, compost heaps and bird feeders.

Moles will continue regardless and the first indication may well be when the snow has gone and several molehills are revealed that were not there before!RAT FOOTPRINTS

Larger animals will leave clearer prints and definite trails and of course are easier to locate, often they will forage for food and can leave patches of displaced snow to reveal the ground underneath. Foxes may well drag large items of food, especially when they have been raiding local bins and this will be visible in the snow.

Another indication of wildlife is their respective droppings and these, along with footprints, can be used as a means of identification.


When the snow finally melts it will leave behind soft ground and muddy areas which will preserve footprints for longer and give more chances to observe wildlife activities.

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