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A sight guaranteed to install fear into any gardener – a molehill!Moles,Mole control, mole catching by No-nonsense Pest control, Bournemouth,Christchurch,Ringwood Verwood and poole.

As one appears the hope is that no more will follow, but as is often the case, another WILL appear followed by several more and gradually, the once green, lush grass will vanish, to be replaced by ever increasing mounds of soil and debris – molehills!

If dealt with quickly, the damage can be limited and quickly rectified. If left for too long the results can be alarming and costly to repair.

A quick drive around the local counties of Dorset and Hampshire reveals just how the mole invasion is spreading this year already. It will only get worse, and previously untouched areas are falling victim to the hungry moles. With the onset of the breading season, numbers will rapidly increase.

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