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They just keep coming! It seems many rodents, including mice and rats, are desperate to enjoy the dry and warm interiors of properties and are employing all sorts of methods to gain entry, not only from ground level, but higher up as well.

Rats and mice are very good at climbing and can jump as well, so with enough help and cover from foliage, trees, shrubs and bushes, gaining height is not a problem. Once inside a property, access is quickly gained to cavities, floor voids, roof spaces, lofts and any other suitable areas for nesting.

As well as being extremely agile, rats can dig very well and burrowing is part of their natural habits. They will also take advantage of other creatures that dig as well and will think nothing of exploiting mole tunnels if they can give the rat an easy advantage.

Any weak spot in a structure is likely to attract the attention of a desperate rat looking for a cosy warm place to call home. It might be a weakness in the bricks or foundations, or a brittle or oversized air brick. Higher up, it could be rotten wood or missing tiles at roof level that lead to unwanted invasions.

It is very easy to miss the signs of a rat invasion until it is too late and damage, sometimes very expensive, often follows.

A regular check of the outside of a property is a must, especially at this time of the year with the shorter daylight hours. If holes or damage is found and remedied quickly, further cost and misery can be avoided.

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