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Rats are certainly keeping in the headlines this year with the numerous articles appearing in the local and national press regarding rats in Bournemouth. This is nothing new, as most years, surges in rodent numbers often occur.

The most important factor relating to the numbers of rodents in an area, including rats, mice and squirrels, is a good food source. Quite simply, if the food is there, rodent species will take advantage of it by breeding, thereby maintaining, or as is often the case, increasing their numbers.

The easiest food source in many gardens are bird feeders. These often contain seeds or nuts and in some cases fat balls, which are a particular favourite of rats. If used responsibly, a lot of enjoyment can be had feeding the birds and attracting species not often seen. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, excess food is put out and not controlled, with the result that other animals quickly take advantage and unwanted visits soon appear by rodents, foxes and even badgers.

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