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A simple question, but one that is often asked too late!

Do you have unseen holes or gaps behind kitchen units or heavy furniture? Are there any strange openings in woodwork or walls? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you could have a problem. It could be they have been created by visiting rodents in search of food and lodgings and if this is the case, prompt action will be required.

Is the temperature always at a high setting? If yes, consider what else enjoys warm environments. Rodents and insects enjoy a warm climate as well as humans.

Is there food in your cupboards that has been there too long or is showing signs of age? If yes, consider disposing of it as it could become a good food source for insects or rodents.

Is food left out in the open between meals? Bread, fruit, biscuits, even cake are very attractive food sources for a variety of pests.

Does the washing up or waste food containers get left discarded for longer than necessary periods of time? Again, a very quick source of food and one that can quickly lead to cross infection, especially if cups are re-used without washing first.

Are there any visible signs of droppings? If yes, then hygiene becomes a number one priority.

WASPS NESTDo you keep hearing strange noises or scratching in the property? It might NOT be the plumbing, but COULD be rodents, birds or even insects, wasps and bees can be very noisy in a cavity wall.

In all cases it is very important to get help fast to prevent any further costly damage or distress.

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